'Add more to life' was created with a simple mission to be your SUPPORT, when you or your loved one is undergoing a medical surgery. We understand the anxiety and emotions you go through when advised a surgery like Angioplasty, TAVR/TAVI or Knee/hip replacements. But by understanding these surgical procedures well, it’s easier to discuss with your doctor, ask relevant questions and take an informed decision.

Add more to life exists to be a one-stop source for all surgical and medical research on the internet. We do that by offering credible information from top specialty physicians across India and also connecting you with patients and communities who share their post-surgery experiences. All this together offers you all trusted and relevant knowledge to take informed decisions along with your doctors. Here’s wishing you or your loved one a speedy recovery!

Total Knee Replacement

Replacement isn't the end. To know more about knee-joint surgeries from some of the finest surgeons and how you can tackle them
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Cold Weather Running Warm  Up Mistakes
Cold Weather Running Warm  Up Mistakes
Cold Weather Running Warm  Up Mistakes