Giving birth is a phenomenal thing.

The journey of pregnancy is one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences one can have. If you have had to undergo a C-Section or Caesarean delivery, you know that an extra amount of caution will be required once you give birth. Every new mother deals with it in her way; in her own time. So, no fixed protocol will help every mother, but there are certain precautionary steps one needs to keep in mind post a C-section / Caesarean delivery.

Just like any other surgery, a C-Section delivery means that you need to give time for your body to heal properly. Doing so is not difficult if you follow a few steps diligently. So, if you have undergone surgery, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

A) Get Ample Rest

For you, the health of your infant will be of paramount importance. But, at the same time, you need to take care of your health as well. As C-section or Caesarean delivery is major surgery, you need to take ample rest to provide the required amount of time for your body to heal properly.  You will need to stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days after delivery, but beyond that, you will need up to 6 weeks to get healed completely. Till then, you only need to rest, apart from attending to your baby. The more you rest, the more quickly your body recovers – mentally and physically. Your health directly or indirectly affects your baby’s health. So, it’s important to take time and heal well.

B)  Take Extra Care of your Body

Just like any other surgery, putting stress on your body after a C-Section surgery is a bad idea. Now of course, with a baby in tow, being sedentary will not be an option for you. But there are a few things best avoided. Firstly, try not to climb any stairs as much as possible. Apart from this, make sure you do not lift any heavy objects. While a caesarean delivery has become commonplace, many people still don’t have a complete idea about it. So, avoid taking opinions on health from anyone but your doctor. Stay away from, any kind of home remedies and make sure you have your medicines (if any) as specified by your doctor. Your doctor may also prescribe light exercises after caesarean delivery. Follow it diligently.

C) Mental Health after C-Section Delivery

For women who have just delivered a child, mental health can be a sensitive issue. After a C-Section delivery, your body is ought to be fragile. With these challenges, suffering from post-partum depression can be a possibility. In case you are feeling depressed or unnaturally moody, there is nothing to be worried about. Reach out to your doctor or a mental health specialist. It is perfectly fine to experience postpartum depression after a C-Section surgery and by following the advice given by a trained professional, you will be able to manage it well.

D)      Pain Relief

After a C-Section delivery, if you suffer from any pain in your thigh, groin, back of the knee, or calf for a persistent period, do not ignore it. Go to your doctor, as they may prescribe certain medicines for you to help curb the pain. The medicines may differ from person to person depending on whether or not you are breastfeeding your child. Along with this, using a heating pad is also a good idea. Do not take medicines that are not prescribed by your doctor as they may interfere with your current course of treatment and cause further problems.

E)      Eat Well

Good nutrition is as important as resting during recovery and after a C-section delivery. It promotes speedy recovery. It is recommended to eat foods that are high in protein, vitamin C, and iron. Proteins help in the healing process; vitamin C helps fight infection and Iron builds immunity.  If you are a breastfeeding mother, you are the sole source of nutrition for your baby as well. So, you need to eat varied nutrition-rich foods to keep yourself and your baby healthy, stronger, and full. Don’t forget to consume plenty of liquids, preferably water. Drinking 4 glasses of low-fat milk or fortified juice helps you get enough calcium and increases the milk supply for your baby as well. Also, consuming vegetables imparts flavour to the breast milk and the baby also develops a taste of these vegetables later in their life.

Like we mentioned earlier, every woman has a different curve of healing after undergoing a C-Section delivery. While you follow simple tips like these, it is also important that you stick to the advice given by your doctor. Remember, this is also a good time to bond with your baby and experience all the joys that motherhood has to offer.

Lastly, even as you enjoy a series of firsts with your baby, keep an eye on their health as well. Post a C-Section delivery, your child too can experience some difficulties. So, speak to your doctor and keep an eye out for any abnormalities.

This new journey of motherhood brings in a lot of changes in your life. So, the best way to glide

through this is to be aware and healthy and never hesitate to ask for help from friends and family!

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