Have you ever thought about why you often fall sick? Do you think it’s the climate change or overexertion that makes you feel weak and eventually fall sick? You may be right but you wouldn’t want to play the blame game every time because not everyone whom you know is falling sick that often but it’s only you. So, how do we go about it and change this phenomenon of your body?

Firstly, it is important to know the defense system of our body before jumping on to activities strengthening it. Our immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes within the body that protects against disease and potential health hazards.  When functioning properly, the immune system can identify multiple threats like viruses, bacteria and parasites and works towards distinguishing them from the body’s healthy tissue. As long as your immune system is running efficiently, you don’t notice that it’s doing the job, however, the moment it stops working properly or becomes weak to fight harmful substances, you get ill.

Hence, it becomes very crucial for you to follow measures that can boost your immunity system. Because healthier the immunity system, healthier are you. We have listed below a few tips that can play a vital role in boosting your overall immunity. Take a look and incorporate those in your lifestyle to stay healthy and fit.

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