Life after a hernia surgery could be a little tricky. Though with the help of a hernia repair surgery you manage to get the problem fixed and are hoping to get back to your normal life, it is important to ensure that all the necessary instructions suggested by the doctor are followed. Most people do not face any long term problems after a hernia repair but a brief recovery period is necessary for all hernia cases. Children might face a lot of pain and would require extra attention in the initial days after a hernia surgery but this is considered normal and is expected to pass with time. Most children and adults are discharged within a few hours after a hernia surgery depending upon the severity but usually, an overnight stay is recommended for people with a medical history.

One of the major risks associated with hernia repair surgery is that the hernia can return. And, If there is a hernia repair failure and the hernia somehow reappears, then it is called as a recurrent hernia. Hence, it becomes even more important for you to take all the precautionary steps to avoid the recurrence of a hernia. The recovery period post a hernia surgery completely depends on the type of hernia and surgery performed. A laparoscopic surgery that uses minimally invasive procedures has been proved to be highly safe and effective. Also, the overall recovery time has reduced and lesser post-operative trouble is seen.

Let us now look deeper into some of the most common precautionary measures to follow irrespective of the patients or the surgeries performed. Below are a few points to keep in mind post a hernia surgery:

  • Regular walking: As per your doctor’s instructions, try to stay active as much as you can. Take a walk indoors to boost your blood flow and to prevent constipation. Take sufficient rest as you are more prone to unrelenting tiredness. Although your doctor’s advice will depend on your surgery type, most patients post a hernia surgery are recommended to stay away from lifting heavy objects for the initial two weeks.
  • Adequate rest: Though the laparoscopic hernia surgery patients can return to their routine much earlier, it is still favored to follow a complete bed rest for the entire first-week post-surgery, preferably in complex patient subsets.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects: Tasks that put strain to the groin must be avoided at all costs and if your job involves manual labor, you may need a prolonged resting period before resuming your work but you can return to your desk jobs by the second week after surgery.
  • Healthy Diet: You should focus more on your diet especially after a hernia repair surgery by consuming plenty of fluids and fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, oatmeal, bran, etc.  to prevent constipation and strenuous bowel movement. Additionally, avoid consumption of citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, smoking, and alcohol as it can prolong your recovery process or even lead to complications.
  • Avoid sex after any hernia surgery: Usually, it is advised to avoid having sex immediately after the hernia surgery that may add extra pressure near the groin area. You can get back to a precaution-free and active lifestyle, 4-6 weeks post-surgery and may resume your regular gym sessions as per your doctor’s instructions.

Keep these tips in mind and follow them religiously for a better recovery post-surgery. In case, you start bleeding or show any symptoms of an infection, immediately consult your doctor. Also, don’t forget to miss out on your regular appointment for a safe recovery.

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