Lately, we’re seeing and listening about COVID-19 vaccines day in and day out. But how many of us know how do COVID-19 vaccines work? Very few. Here’s all about COVID-19 vaccines, the number of doses required to fight the virus and how it is going to benefit you and the world. 

How does the COVID-19 vaccine work?

Germs are all around us – both in our environment and inside us. When disease-causing germs/micro-organisms enter our body, it leads to sickness and in some cases even death. This is the time when the body creates its defense with the immune system which leads to the formation of antibodies. These antibodies are the soldiers in your defense system that are produced in response to viruses’ antigens which are an important part of the immune system.

Once the antigen-specific antibodies are formed, they work with the rest of the immune system to kill the virus and stop the disease. When the body is exposed to the same virus more than once, the antibody reaction is much stronger and more effective than the first time so the memory cells can pump antibodies against the virus and can fight it.

Once you get a hang of it, it is easier to understand how the COVID-19 vaccine works. These vaccines contain the weakened parts of the antigen that triggers the immune system to act up and form antibodies. Now, newer vaccines contain the blueprint of antigen, rather than the antigen itself. Regardless of it, when it is injected into a person, it doesn’t make the person sick, but it triggers the immune system to produce antibodies and fight against these antigens when the person comes in contact with it. In this way, the body is prepared to defend and fight a particular disease-causing virus in the future. When someone is vaccinated, they are protected against the virus. However, there are a few exceptions to it. For example, people who are immunodeficient i. e. people who are suffering from HIV or Cancer cannot be vaccinated.

Vaccines not only protect you but also people who can’t get vaccinated by achieving herd immunity where a maximum number of people get vaccinated to eradicate the virus.

How many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are needed?

Many COVID-19 vaccines are being developed and authorized in many countries. Each of these vaccines requires a different number of shots for it to be effective. The two authorized and recommended vaccines require two shots at an interval; while the one in the trial phase in the US requires one just shot of vaccine to prevent COVID-19.

However, in India, vaccine trials are under different stages of finalization. However, vaccination for COVID-19 in India is voluntary. It will only be provided to the priority group i. e. the healthcare workers and frontline workers. In India, two doses of vaccines are required, 28 days apart to complete the vaccination schedule.

For vaccines like Moderna and AstraZeneca two doses are given at an interval of 4 weeks. For Pfizer, those two doses are given 3 weeks apart.

Benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines

To prevent coronavirus diseases, vaccines are the best hope for 2019. With scientists coming up with vaccines with the highest measure of accuracy and countries approving the same, we are getting closer to making this world a better place! The experts continue to study the effects of COVID-19 vaccines to date and they have derived a few benefits of the same. COVID-19 vaccines are not 100% effective yet. Hence numerous dry runs are conducted before distributing it officially in any country. However, we are getting there and there are still many benefits recorded when it comes to controlling the spread of COVID-19 with effective vaccination.

These benefits are as follows:

  • COVID vaccines help you create an anti-body response without having to become sick with COVID-19
  • It keeps you from getting COVID-19.
  • Even if you get COVID-19, it prevents you from becoming seriously ill or developing serious complications.
  • Getting COVID-19 might also help people around you to be safe from the disease. Since it is a contagious disease, COVID-19 vaccination help people – especially the ones who are at a high risk of getting infected from severe illness.

The above mentioned is the information on COVID-19, its working, doses, and benefits. While the world is getting prepped up for the most effective vaccine, till then everyone needs to hang in there and be patient. Let’s not forget that basic sanitization, social distancing, wearing masks is still paramount and is equally effective in bringing a healthy change till everybody is vaccinated.

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