It’s been a while that the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic but unfortunately, the world is yet to see a successful antidote that can fight the virus and save lives. With more than 100 countries being affected by the virus and non-availability of any treatment, it becomes very important for you to adhere to the guidelines issued by medical authorities to stay protected.

One of the key factors in preventing yourself from the virus is by improving your immune system along with maintaining the required hygiene standards. The stronger the immune system, the greater are the chances to resist the virus. Your immune system is known for doing a remarkable job when it comes to fighting off foreign cells to protect against illnesses. Various factors play a part, such as age and lifestyle that determines how resilient the defense system will be. Naturally, when something massive like COVID-19 strikes the globe, we’re bound to feel more concerned than usual about staying strong and healthy. Hence, boosting your immunity through the following steps can aid in preventing COVID-19.

1) Consume a healthy diet:  Food is one of the principal aspects in deciding your general immunity status and health. Consumption of diet, low in carbohydrates is advisable, as it aids in controlling high blood sugar, blood pressure, and body weight. Hence, you should take green vegetables and fruits, rich in Vitamins (B and C). You can prefer consuming diets rich in good bacteria such as yogurt, curd, etc. which aids in preserving gut immunity.

2) Get ample sleep: Prefer taking sound sleep of 8 to 9 hours as it is termed as the ideal way to aid your body in boosting your immunity.

3) Stay Hydrated: Drink around 8 to 10 glasses of water preferably warm and any form of fluids daily to maintain hydration, as it helps your body to remove any toxins and decreases the risk of getting any sort of flu, even COVID-19.

4) Exercise regularly: Regular exercise for 30 to 45 minutes along with a good diet is recommended for improving metabolism which directly impacts our immune system. A mix of free weight exercises like push-ups, jumping squats or burpees can be added to the regime and performed from the comfort of your home.

5) Avoid any sort of stress: Undue stress releases stress chemicals in the body (hormone cortisol), which makes your body prone to getting infected. Meditation, avoiding self-criticism, doing your favorite hobby, or even a video call with friends can help take down stress and indirectly make you feel stronger.

6) Avoid unwanted or leisure traveling: Though travel and leisure are something that everyone should experience for recreation but not during a pandemic. Especially, when there’s a high risk to your life. Staying home is the safest option to stay protected. 

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